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19 October Friday
Music Club
  • 20 zł

Warsaw Village Band was founded in 1997. Its repertoire includes avant-garde interpretations of traditional music. Despite their fidelity to traditional playing and singing techniques, imaginative performances of old works sound surprisingly avant-garde and are fully comprehensible to the contemporary audience.

Although traditional instruments are used, such as violin, dulcimer or baraban - they sound exceptionally modern and the musicians are not afraid to combine them with sounds associated with club music in cooperation with leading DJs.

Loopus Duo is a band of two extraordinary multi-instrumentalists: a phenomenal vocalist capable of using four independent voice colours, Sebastian Madejski (for over 20 years connected with art-melancholic band Beltaine Improved) and instrument restorer and music freak Robert Jaworski (creator of, among others, the heavy folk band Żywiołak, which after five years of activity has been included in the encyclopaedia of rock music).

Still insatiable spirits - one could say the precursors of their own genres walking along their own paths like old wolves - finally meet in the music space of their instruments supported only by a looper. Loopus Duo is a combination of immeasurably grotesque ‘metaphysical’ poetics and catatonic trance, performed on instruments such as hurdy-gurdy, electric guitar, Renaissance fiddle or frame drum. The band is a twisted and still rapacious wolf duo.


Cash desk of the Centre for the Meeting of Cultures


Cash desk of the Centre for the Meeting of Cultures

Ticket price

  • 20 zł


Music Club