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3rd Avant Conference Trends in Interdisciplinary Studies: Understanding Social Cognition

20 October Friday

Free access

Understanding Social Cognition Conference (20-22 October 2017)

Within the social sciences, it is widely accepted that groups of people exhibit social properties and dynamics that emerge from, but cannot be reductively identified with the actions and properties of individual members. Nevertheless, psychology and cognitive science have only reluctantly embraced the idea that something similar might happen in the domain of mind and cognition.


Key speakers and Guests of Special Symposia include:


Daniel Dennett (Tufts University, USA, book promotion)

Morana Alač (University of California San Diego, USA)

Him Cheung (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Stephen Cowley (University of Southern Denmark)

Arkadiusz Gut (Catholic University of Lublin, Poland)

Robert Rupert (University of Colorado Boulder, USA)

Judith Simon (University of Hamburg, Germany)

Robert Wilson (University of Alberta, Canada)

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Free admission. Lectures and panel discussion will be held in English.

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Free access